Why I stop watch mlp

Hi !

So as i said in the title i don’t watch mlp anymore …

So… why ?

Because I was disapointed by the season 4 , its not funny or interressing. For me mlp is the season 1,2 and 3 is the ”true” mlp.Tthe season 4 sure containt pony but its not the same , it dont look like the good old mlp …

But if you wanna following me, I have a new blog: http://awesomeandblog.tumblr.com/ I dont post pony anymore …

So bye and I hope to see you soon on my new blog ^^ !

Can’t post ponies :\ but i’ll post mountains ^^

Hi ! the next ten day I’ll be in Germany so I going to post some mountain photo ^^ Have a nice day and bye !

Bonjour ! Les dix prochains jours je serais en Allemagne donc je posterais des photo de montagne mais pas de mlp donc kiffez vos vacance ! Et a bientôt ^^ !

Just talk to him a very nice guy ^^ (sorry if he seen that and if he’s not ok for posting that :/)

Just talk to him a very nice guy ^^ (sorry if he seen that and if he’s not ok for posting that :/)

(Source: l.Omegle.com)

Episode 12 season 4 HD 1080p ^^

(This episode was for me one of the best of mlp :D)

Someone asked for is OC ^^

Go watch is blog : http://darkghost127.tumblr.com/

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If you have ANYTHING you want me to draw (Your oc, someone oc, valentines drawing, a mane 6, a backround pony, …) Just tell me I actually want to draw but I dont have any idea so you can sent me your idea by ask me a question (I add anonymous question) The ask me a question thing is down on the page …

So tell me if you have an idea :D !


I say i was going to upload a drawing so here it is ^^ I dont take long to do a drawing but when i start one you can’t stop me ^^

Like if you like :D

Blablabla …

Hi !

Sorry if I dont post a lot these days I’m not busy but not motivated to draw so I dont post a lot (or at all) so I maybe draw soon …

Ok now about what I think about the last episode : It was great pretty funny but I have a problem with the season 4 of mlp I dont really like the way they focus on a caracter ; I mean in the season 1,2 and 3 in each episode we have each one of the mane six having a role like each one react her way to a event (I dont no if you understand what I mean) To make this simple before for me this cartoon was about the mane six and now its about only one or two of the mane six … So that’s the thing I dont really like in this season but I really like the bats episode and the Manhattan episode (I also wait the ”Luna episode”)

So thank you guys for following me and my work and sorry if I dont post a lot and I my english isen’t prefect :/

Bye !

Sleeping lyra :3